Parish Breakfast

Parish Breakfast

Parish Breakfast continues to provide a welcome opportunity to socialise and get to know each other better after the 9.30 Sunday morning service. It is also the opportunity to get to know someone who has come for the first time or who is still just a face to you. Every week people, including many families with young children, gather in the church hall to chat and make new friends. Our small Sunday Kitchen Team provide tea and freshly-brewed coffee as well as cakes and hot bites. 

lf you do not currently come to Parish Breakfast how about giving it a try? It is a very good way of meeting and getting to know people, especially for those new to our church.

The Sunday Kitchen Team organises this important event every week. We do not charge for refreshments but the voluntary contributions make a small but steady profit which goes into church funds.

We try to help directly those developing countries that grow coffee and tea by buying these products from Traidcraft, an organisation which represents the local co-operatives who actually grow and pick them. Traidcraft was one of the first companies to bring Fairtrade products to the UK consumer.

We estimate that our faithful helpers handle more than 2,500 cups and glasses a year! We are always grateful to new volunteers - the more we get, the less often you get to do it! We are always happy to help new volunteers learn the very simple routine! It takes two people to set out cups, milk and biscuits, serve, and wash up afterwards. If everything is set out before the service, they only need to leave a few minutes before everyone else. 


The Office on 020 8941 6003

Parish breakfast Parish breakfast Parish breakfast
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