Our Church in the Community

Our church in the community

The central objective of all St James's church activities, Our Mission, is spreading a Christian influence in the local and distant communities. One way this is achieved is by the clergy and lay people going out into the community, ministering to the parishioners and the other is by opening the church and encouraging people to come into our midst. 

There are many ways that we seek to build up the church’s life in the community:

Coming into Church

A friendly welcome is here for the many people, individuals and groups, who come to the church and church hall - to worship, for advice, to arrange or attend a baptism, a wedding or a funeral, to arrange, or join the nursery school, classes or evening meetings. 

• Parish Breakfast, between the 9.30am and 11.15am Sunday services, is very important in helping new people feel welcome and enabling people to talk to one another.

• Baptisms and Weddings have preparation sessions and, as well as Funeral support, all bereaved families are invited to an annual All Souls remembrance service.

• People of all tastes and ages can access all sorts of activities. These events are viewed as important, bringing people together and welcoming all members of the community, not just members of the congregation, into the church.

• Courses for adult learning and growth are held.

• Connections is a community-based project, primarily for older people, providing friendship and support.

• The Pop Up Cinema is free for all and makes full use of the big screen and wonderful sound system.

• Children have always been cared and provided for through the years. We are committed to Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults to worship and grow in Christ safely.

• Fairtrade goods are used by the church.

• Concerts and Recitals using the church's fine acoustics, extra lighting effects and facilities feel that the church is an excellent venue, and the the adjacent church hall is an added bonus.

Going out ino the Community

• The Parish Visitors Team provide pastoral visiting together with the clergy.

• Charity Support is an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim.  

• The ECO Group encourages environmental awareness in our parish life.

• The Hampton Deanery shares information between local churches.

• Churches Together around Hampton (CTAH) share activities with all the local churches.

• Growth in Christian discipleship is provided by taking occasional services at places like Teddington Hospital, Marling Court and Laurel Dene.

• Our Common Fund payment to our diocese helps parishes in poorer parts of London.

• Keeping In Touch with the congregation, the community and beyond happens in a large variety of ways.

Find out more 

Our Church in the Community through the years shows some of what happened from when records began up until 2017. 
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting Reports show the latest reports from most teams and groups.


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