The organist accompanying the hymns

At St James's we believe music to be a gift of God and so all music which takes place in our church is offered to God in worship and thanksgiving, with the ministry of music being an extremely important part of our parish’s life, witness and mission. Music plays an important part in the services on Sundays, at festivals and special days during the year and sometimes at weddings and funerals.  

Music in church tends to be very visible - certainly audible! What you see and hear during a service though is the tip of quite a large iceberg with nine tenths of the work having already happened in advance, usually weeks or months beforehand.

The Organist & Choir Director is Thom Stanbury, appointed in February 2019. He started his musical life as a chorister in the church where he grew up in Staffordshire, where he also learned the organ. 

The Church Choir supports the congregation regularly, though not every week, at the Sunday Parish Communion services. In addition to the hymns, it sings at least one anthem, usually during the administration of Holy Communion and occasionally an introit.

The Organ at St James's Church, situated in the chancel, is a three manual and pedal organ and contains hundreds of pipes of different sizes.

We also have a boudoir grand piano, a clavinova and a variety of percussion instruments for children.

Concerts & Recitals are performed in the church by local schools, community organisations and other music-makers. This is because the ministry of music is an extremely important part of our parish’s life, witness and mission. St James's is continually keen to widen the range of its musical life and enhance the inclusive value of musical participation. 

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Thom Stanbury  (Organist & Choir Director)

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