There are 29 photo albums.

  • Church Refurbishment 2022 (29 photos)

    The inside of the church has undergone a refurbishment that resulted in the nave, together with the north aisle and south aisle, becoming a large open area, not only suitable for services but also other events and activities.

    The original pews were removed

  • Messy Church (17 photos)

    Messy Church is church - but not as you know it.

    2020 February Messy Church

  • Youth Activities 2020 (7 photos)

    During 2020 the young people at St James's Church participated in a variety of activities, some based at the church and others away.

    Ice skating at Hampton Court Palace 2020

  • The Christmas Experience (14 photos)

    Children from local schools visited St James's to learn about the birth of Christ.

    The Christmas Experience 2019

  • Youth Activities 2019 (33 photos)

    During 2019 the young people at St James's Church participated in a variety of activities, some based at the church and others away.

    Game night group photo

  • Holiday Club 2019 (28 photos)

    A new venture, open to all children, was held for three days in August 2019 - The Holiday Club. The children had a lot of fun backpacking around the world. They had the opportunity to play, sing, experience fellowship, and study scripture together.

    Last day group photo

  • The Easter Experience (3 photos)

    The ministry to local schools resulted in ninety Year 1 children from Carlisle Infant School coming to St James's for a three-day Easter Experience event in 2019. Dani, the Children and Families’ Worker, together with volunteers, helped bring the Easter story alive and share the love of God with children who might not have experienced it before. Through hands-on storytelling, visual displays and prayer stations, the children learnt about Jesus’s last week and were given opportunities to respond creatively.

    "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trace Jesus’s steps from the moment he rides into Jerusalem on a donkey to his disappearance from the tomb? Well 90 children aged five to six from Carlisle Infant School in Hampton Hill got to do just that at St James’s Church during the Experience Easter event. They visited six points set up around St James’s Church, each offering a moment of Jesus’s final days frozen in time. They walked along the palms that would have greeted Jesus as he entered Jerusalem and learned about the time he washed his disciples’ feet. They sat at his table and tasted bread as they learned about the Last Supper and visited the Garden of Gethsemane where they thought about how alone Jesus must have felt, and how scared he must have been. As they reflected, they moulded clay into things that scare them or make them feel alone. They visited the cross where Jesus was crucified and learned how he asked for forgiveness for those who had treated him so cruelly. Finally, they peeked inside the empty tomb where Jesus’s body had been laid but rose again after three days. The children were lovingly guided through these stories and reflections by incredible volunteers from St James’s Church. Each volunteer shared their time and gifts with these children out of a desire to plant a tiny seed in each heart, hoping that God will grow this seed through the coming months and years of their lives."

    Remember me

  • Christingle (27 photos)

    A photographic description of Christingle services over the last few years

    Christingles around the church

  • Carols (39 photos)

    A photographic description of Carols by Candlelight over the last few years

    The choir singing  a Christmas anthem

  • Christmas for Families (22 photos)

    A photographic description of Christmas services for families over the last few years

    Taking part in the service

  • Christmas (31 photos)

    A photographic description of Christmas services over the last few years

    Part of the service

  • Mothering Sunday (23 photos)

    A photographic description of Mothering Sunday over the last few years

    A Mothering Sunday activity

  • Palm Sunday (15 photos)

    A photographic description of Palm Sunday over the last few years

    Starting the service

  • Easter (34 photos)

    A photographic description of Easter services over the last few years

    Children making the Easter garden

  • St James's Day (70 photos)

    A photographic description of St James's Day/Weekend celebrations over the last few years.

    Part of the Sunday service on St James's Weekend in 2019

  • Harvest Festival (59 photos)

    A photographic description of Harvest Festivals over the last few years.

    The uniformed groups taking part in the service

  • Remembrance (62 photos)

    A photographic description of Remembrance Sundays over the last few years.

    Around the war memorial

  • Organ Chamber (35 photos)

    Members of St James's congregation and visitors to the church will probably be familiar with a somewhat distant view of the organ on the north side of the chancel as shown above. Only an intrepid few, however, will have ventured into the interior of the instrument, behind the console. Here can be seen metal and wooden pipes of many shapes and sizes.

    Lilies and foliage were painted in cream and gold on the pedal pipes in 1894, with the real gold leaf used being specially supplied by the Admiralty

  • Gardening Club (19 photos)

    Autumn 2017 saw the introduction of a gardening club. This was, and still is, for anybody with an interest in keeping the churchyard looking its best.

    The hard workers who started working on the churchyard

  • The Ark (23 photos)

    The very popular St James's Ark is a playgroup for carers and under fives which is Christian based and non-educational.

    What's this car?

  • Pet Service (43 photos)

    To give thanks to God for all the animals around us a Pet Service is held in the autumn. Pets of all kinds are brought into church for a blessing. There are also songs, stories and prayers and afterwards both pets and owners enjoy some refreshments.

    Pets in church in 2017

  • Clock Restoration (24 photos)

    The clock faces were taken away in September, 2017, for a major restoration project at the clockmakers. The clock was built by J Smith & Sons of Derby in 1893, and this is the first major refurbishment of the faces. Work will include cleaning and shot blasting the copper-backed cast iron faces back to base metal, replacing the back and repainting them their original colours of black and gold, and applying gold leaf. They were back in place by the end of November.

    Preparing the scaffolding

  • Improvements (33 photos)

    There are many initiatives in our Action Plan. These photos show some of the improvements made to the church and hall during 2017/18.

    A new sink has been installed in the vestry

  • Together at Eleven (18 photos)

    A new service, started in 2017, has the needs of children and parents particularly in mind, though everyone is invited. It is fun-filled with lively songs, hands-on activities and a famous Bible story - the whole family can learn together.

    Starting the service

  • Summer in the Churchyard (6 photos)

    The parish was delighted to welcome Bishop Matthew Mhagama and his wife Skola on 2nd April. They brought news and greetings from Milo hospital, which St James has supported for over 30 years. Bishop Matthew has many plans for income generating projects in his Diocese of South West Tanganyika and will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September to help fund them.

    Bishop Matthew Mhagama giving the sermon

  • Spring in the Churchyard (25 photos)

    Photos to show what the churchyard looks like in the spring.

    The crocus carpet

  • Organ Renovation (31 photos)

    A few years ago various irregularities were noticed in the organ, including a whistling and hissing sound and also some notes being weaker and more ‘fuzzy’ than others. An examination by the organ restorer, Bernie Whitmill, revealed many technical faults causing these problems. consequently Bernie spent about 16 months from January 2017 deep in the organ chamber, meticulously repairing or replacing the parts of the instrument that were broken or showing their age, thus causing problems, and also moving some pipes to their correct positions.

    Starting work on renovating the organ

  • Our New Vicar (53 photos)

    Revd Derek Winterburn's Institution & Induction service 8th November 2016.

    The church is ready

  • Our New Curate (23 photos)

    Jacky Cammidge was ordained priest by the Bishop of Kensington, The Right Reverend Dr Graham Tomlin, in St Mary Abbotts, Kensington, on June 26th 2016. Then three days later, on the festival day for St Peter and St Paul, presided at the Eucharist at St James's for the first time.

    St Mary Abbotts Church, Kensington

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