The Vestry

The vestry The vestry

The vestry is situated at the east end of the south aisle. It is the room where the clergy, servers and choir robe up and various parts of administration are carried out. Robes are housed in the vestry, along with various other vestments, altar frontals, pulpit falls, Bible book marks and clergy's stoles and top garments. A vestments press for storing the clergy's vestments is kept here.

Two processional crosses, the wooden candlesticks carried by the Acolytes, the two churchwardens' staffs and the music used by the choir are all stored here. There are photographs of all the previous vicars hanging on one of the walls and a notice board shows various rotas and other information for the clergy and servers. Various miscellaneous items needed for the services are stored in the cupboards down one wall. There is also a very useful sink.

A copy of a 16th century Russian icon hangs on the wall above the vestments press. The icon is of 'Christ Pantocrator' which means 'Christ almighty.' It is a very common depiction of Christ as a teacher, with his right hand raised, not in blessing, but rather in the traditional gesture of an orator. In his left hand he holds a book, the Gospels.  

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