About Us

About us

St James is the Church of England Parish Church of Hampton Hill, Middlesex. We are a family friendly community of Christians, a wide range of people from different backgrounds and of different colours and ages. We are open to and challenged by the future, seeking to equip people for their daily lives, inspired by our worship of God. We have a keen desire both for growth in numbers and also to make a contribution to the community, locally, nationally and globally. Whoever you are you are assured of a very warm welcome at our church.


Our Mission, the central objective of all our church activities, is for us to be more active as disciples of Christ in our community and in our daily working lives

Charity Support is an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim. 


Get Involved in the different activities within the church as our church is its people and all are welcomed. 

The Parochial Church Council's primary object is the promotion of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Church

Church Details including contact details, how to find us, etc.

Church Buildings include the buildings and artifacts owned by the church.

Saint James is the patron saint of our church and parish.

The Churchyard

The Churchyard, including the church building, is estimated to have an area about 1.6 acres. It is an area of great beauty in many ways and used regularly by local people, especially children and parents walking to and from school.


The History of St James's Church started when the mother parish of St Mary’s gave some of its glebe land for this purpose.


The Office on 020 8941 6003


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