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There are many beautiful stained glass windows in the church The ones down the south aisle depict some well-known parables, with each pair describing scenes from different parts of each story and those down the north aisle are memorials to parishioners. To see all these windows, detailed pictures and information about them look at the pages South Aisle Stained Glass Windows and North Aisle Stained Glass Windows.

There are beautifully worked opus sectile panels each surrounded by a marble border, at the east end of both the south and north aisles. Opus sectile is a form of decoration similar in concept to mosaic work. The panels in the south aisle show the Mother & Child and St Michael while the panels in the north aisle show Christ the King and St James. See the document Opus Sectile Panels for pictures and detailed information. 

During the church refurbishment in 2022 a servery was built in the south aisle so that refreshments could be provided without having to use the hall. A small meeting room, the Stewart Room, for meetings, small groups, morning prayer, and so on was also built at that time in the north aisle.

The vestry door is situated at the east end of the south aisle and the beautifully embroidered wedding kneeler is kept next to it. The Book of Remembrance is protected in a glass topped table cabinet the other side of the door. In it are recorded the names of parishioners who have died arranged in twelve sections corresponding to the months of the year. Entries are made according to the dates of death, and a page for the current month is always left open so that those whose names are on that page may be remembered. There are several Carvings and Plaques mounted on the south aisle wall.

At the east part of the north aisle are exposed organ pipes above which is a brick arch with black and gold text saying 'SING UNTO THE LORD AND PRAISE HIS NAME'. Down the side of the north aisle are various brass plaques commemorating different people through the years. At the east end of the north aisle there is an area with chairs that can be arranged around the boudoir grand piano. Among other things, this is where choir practice is held on Friday evenings. The clavanova is also kept here.

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