Together at 11

Our Together service began in April 2017 and is proving popular, with many families coming every week. Together is a service with the needs of children and parents particularly in mind, though everyone is welcome. It is a shorter, punchier service, and includes a Bible story aimed at youngsters and contemporary singing, all presented from the big screen.

The service is fun-filled with lively songs and hands-on activities. We listen to a famous Bible story with the whole family learning together. We also keep things punchy so that the service is less than 40 minutes long, and is followed by crafts and refreshments, with time for the children to play while the parents chat over coffee.

During the craft activities the children have made Sarai & Abram finger puppets, a serpent from the Garden of Eden, a creation bookmark, a rainbow to remind us of God’s promises, and much more. The craft is so important because it is a piece of the Bible that they take home, maybe hang on their wall, and it reminds them of the Bible story they’ve heard and what they’ve learned about the people of God. 

This is such an important ministry because we are able to tell parents, come just as you are. If your child needs to wander around during the service a bit, that’s fine. If they need to hold on to the shakers a bit longer, well we celebrate their zeal for worship. If the parents just need five minutes for a cup of coffee, we we’ll do some crafts with the children while you drink that cup. If you are new to church, or just want a simpler structure to your worship, this is an accessible way to experience the love of God and grow your faith with like-minded people.

So do come along and see for yourself.

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Together at Eleven (photo album)

There have been designated children's services since the earliest days as maintaining children's interest has always been important to St James's. Have a look at Family Worship through the years which shows some of what happened from when records began up until 2017. The Annual Parochial Church Meeting Reports show the latest reports from most teams and groups.


Together at Eleven Together at Eleven Together at Eleven


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