Spring in the churchyard

Photos to show what the churchyard looks like in the spring.

There are 25 photos for this gallery.
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The crocus carpet The crocus carpet The crocus carpet
Blossom glowing in the sun Cyclamen creeping over the grass Snowdrops are a welcome assurance that the brighter days of spring are on their way
Snowdrops cover a large part of the churchyard Snowdrops nestling among the graves A snowdrop carpet
More and more snowdrops Snowdrops and early daffodils Daffodils beneath the blossom
Daffodils add some cheerful colour Nodding daffodils in the sunshine Daffodils in the churchyard
Daffodils in the churchyard Primroses bursting out A carpet of primroses
Some of the narcissi planted for the 150th Anniversary Daffodils blowing in the wind (courtesy of Clive Beaumont) Blue sky over the church yard (courtesy of Clive Beaumont)
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