Organ renovation

A few years ago various irregularities were noticed in the organ, including a whistling and hissing sound and also some notes being weaker and more ‘fuzzy’ than others. An examination by the organ restorer, Bernie Whitmill, revealed many technical faults causing these problems. consequently Bernie spent about 16 months from January 2017 deep in the organ chamber, meticulously repairing or replacing the parts of the instrument that were broken or showing their age, thus causing problems, and also moving some pipes to their correct positions.

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Starting work on renovating the organ Bernie showing some of the painted pipes Bernie in the organ chamber
Getting stuck in Getting stuck in The old computer
Working on the 'switch stacks' Preparing the new leather A wind chest
A wind chest with parts of a sound board hanging up waiting to be mended Getting to work on one of the sound boards Preparing a sound board
Gluing strips to even out a sound board The end of a sound board Broken parts on a sound board
Splits in a sound board mended with screws Special lighting in the organ chamber Careful storage of some pipes
Careful storage of some pipes Parts of the organ taken out Parts of the organ taken out
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