Flower arranging

Flowers in church

Beautiful flower arrangements are a regular feature in St James's. They reflect not only the changing seasons but also the important points and events in the Church Year. Sometimes the floral contributions are for specific occasions such as a baptism, wedding or an anniversary, but often just provide beautiful displays to enhance our much loved church.

The flowers are arranged by a small group of volunteers who work at a time that is mutually convenient, usually during Fridays or Saturdays. There is always room for anyone who would like to participate in this relaxing, rewarding and often peaceful pastime.

A set of modern glass vases has been purchased to extend the repertoire of styles that can be used and simple smaller vases of flowers have also recently been used to promote even the most straightforward arrangements.

We are funded through the PCC but we aim to be economical with carefully-sourced flowers and usually our own greenery. The churchyard also provides some fresh greenery to help fill out the large vases. We look forward to seeing the new cutting garden just outside the church, becoming re-established so that we can once again cut greenery as required (though we realise this may take a few years!). Also, donations of greenery are often brought to the church for use at festivals. These donations are always welcome.

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