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There are 21 photo albums.

St James's Day 2017
A photographic description of what happened on the festival of our patron saint.

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Church improvements
There are many initiatives in our Action Plan: some immediate, some for the coming year, and some for ‘one day.’

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Together at Eleven
A new service has the needs of children and parents particularly in mind, though everyone is invited. It is fun-filled with lively songs, hands-on activities and a famous Bible story - the whole family can learn together.

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Easter Day
The Easter celebrations at St James's Church were for all ages.

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Palm Sunday
St James's Palm Sunday Service started out in the churchyard on a beautiful sunny morning.

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Visitors from Tanzania
The parish was delighted to welcome Bishop Matthew Mhagama and his wife Skola on 2nd April. They brought news and greetings from Milo hospital, which St James has supported for over 30 years. Bishop Matthew has many plans for income generating projects in his Diocese of South West Tanganyika and will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September to help fund them.

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All-age Services
Some photos of the All-age Services during 2017.

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Spring in the churchyard
Photos to show what the churchyard looks like in the spring.

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The Shell Seekers & Fairtrade
The Sunday School children learn about Fairtrade.

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Organ restoration
Major work to restore the church’s organ started in January, 2017. Bernard Whitmill, who has a long association with the organ, will spend the whole year deep in the organ chamber, meticulously repairing or replacing the parts of the instrument that are showing their age. The work can be split into two parts: the first is to repair the concussion bellows (these ensure the airflow is kept constant to the organ pipes at all times) and to move some of the pipes around so that the organ can sound even better than it did. This should be good news for members of the congregation who sit in the north transept as they will no longer be deafened when the trumpet pipes are used, (they were previously near the front of the organ). These have been moved towards the back of the organ and also higher up in the organ chamber, which is where they would normally be placed in a good organ layout.

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Christmas alive at St James's
St James's Church is where Christmas came alive in 2016.

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The Christingle Service
The Christingle Service was held on the second Sunday in Advent 2016.

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Remembrance Sunday
Following the Parish Communion Service on Remembrance Sunday, the clergy, servers, choir and congregation processed out into the churchyard for a special service at the War Memorial.

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Vicar's Institution/Induction
Revd Derek Winterburn's Institution & Induction service 8th November 2016.

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Harvest Festival
A photographic description of the Harvest Festival All-age Service.

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St James's Day
A family service at 11:00 followed by a BBQ lunch for everyone in the vicarage garden. After lunch the Open Day continued with an inflatable slide, children's entertainment, a churchyard nature trail, music, a slide show and with opportunities to climb the tower and ring the bells.

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Revd Jacky's Ordination as a Priest
Jacky was ordained priest by the Bishop of Kensington, The Right Reverend Dr Graham Tomlin, in St Mary Abbotts, Kensington, on June 26th 2016. Then three days later, on the festival day for St Peter and St Paul, presided at the Eucharist at St James’s for the first time.

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The Ark at play
Some activities at St James's Ark.

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St James's Ark artwork
Some artwork made by the children going to St James's Ark.

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Shell Seekers Bible Royalty
The Shell seekers studied Bible Royalty during the Autumn Term 2015.

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Shell Seekers work
Photos of some of the work the Shell Seekers Sunday School have done to illustrate what they have been learning.

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