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The baptistry is at the bottom of the bell tower, with the entrance to the tower in the far corner, and surrounds the baptismal font near the former main entrance in the south porch. Originally, on arriving in the church people had to pass the place of baptism, where their journey with Christ as members of his Church began. The portable font used for baptism at the front of the church is kept in the baptistry when not in use.

Three of the baptistry stained glass windows depict the scene of Jesus being presented in the Temple at Candlemas. Two of the windows show 'A' for alpha and 'O' for omega. The other two show 'I am the Good Shepherd' and 'I am the Light of the World'

The rope to the single tolling bell (no. 6) is in the baptistry. This is used as the service bell, when the whole peal of bells is not being used. This rope used to go down the stairs, through the hole currently used for seeing if the stair-light is on. At the top of the stairs, the pulley still exists.

The pashal candle on its stand is kept in the baptistry when not in use. A new wooden stand was gifted to the church in 2012 in memory of Ron and Roma Bridges. ‚ÄčThere are two corbels, stones jutting out of the wall, at the baptistry entrance. Corbels are designed to carry heavy weights.

A corbel

A stone corbel
The rope

The rope to the single tolling bell
The paschal candle

The paschal candle stick