PCC teams

PCC teams

The PCC operates through committees or teams, which meet between full meetings of the PCC and feed back to the next full meeting. There is a Standing Committee which is the only committee required by law. It has the power to transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the PCC. In addition there are several specialist committees or teams, each with its own designated responsibilities:

• The Charity Support Team is responsible for setting the annual programme of charitable grants, and for relating to the recipients. Our giving determines the amount of money available to this committee. It has been the commitment of the PCC for many years to give 10% of the church’s income for charitable purposes. 

• The Eco Team is responsible for all aspects of the church’s green policy, looking at and keeping the church and church hall as environmentally friendly as possible and keeping environmental issues at the forefront of the church's mind. This includes reducing our carbon footprint, energy consumption, use of paper, and by encouraging people to walk to church or car share. Two members of this group also run the Fairtrade stall.

The Finance Team discusses how major items should be funded and makes recommendations to the PCC. It considers the accounts in detail before they are submitted to the PCC and the parish, and towards the end of each year it prepares a budget for the following year. In particular it is concerned with the planned giving income, the decision of the amount of the Common Fund allocation to the Diocese and the allocation to charities. It works closely with the planned giving team as neither the Church of England as a central organisation nor its individual parish churches receive any public funds. St James's receives its income from offertory collections, donations, fund raising activities and by hiring out the hall. However, the chief source of income is from the regular giving of the members of the Planned Giving Scheme, which together with the tax refund that can be recovered on this money, brings in nearly 70% of the income. 

• The Planned Giving Team is responsible for developing, promoting and operating our Planned Giving scheme, our major source of income. The recorder keeps confidential records and reclaims the tax on Gift Aid donations.

• The Properties Team is responsible for the care and maintenance of all aspects of the parish’s properties; the church, the hall, the vicarage and those parts of the churchyard under our jurisdiction. Between the members there is considerable knowledge, experience and expertise.

• The Spire Team produces nine issues of the parish magazine every year, writing, commissioning, designing and proofreading the copy. The cost of the magazine is paid for by the PCC, which sets an annual budget, but this is, in effect, largely offset by voluntary donations. The monthly parish magazine has undergone a redesign and is widely acclaimed as clear, accessible and informative.

• The Social Team organises parish social activities of all sorts and for all tastes, not just on Sundays, but through the week as well. It often works with the hospitality team, whose members provide refreshments for some of these activities.

• The Parish Visitors Team supports the incumbent by visiting members of the congregation who are housebound and no longer able to come to services at the church. They also visit all families who bring their children to be baptised at St James’s and attend the baptism acting as a link between the family and the church. 

• St James's Hospitality is responsible for the weekly refreshments at parish breakfast on Sundays as well as other events, including St James’s Day and Harvest. It also provides refreshments for the services around Easter and Christmas.

• The Children’s Ministry Team oversees our ministry to children, young people and families.