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Welcome to the Shell Seekers' pages. The Shell Seekers take their name from our patron saint, James, whose symbol is the shell, and the word 'seeker' reminding us that we are all seeking God's love and support.

The wooden cross We meet most Sundays during term time. We start the 09.30 service with the rest of the congregation in church and leave for our meeting in the hall after the first hymn. One of us collects our special cross from the altar and as we leave the church the clergy pray for us. In the hall we have age-related activities, including Bible stories, exciting crafts and prayer. We return to the main service for communion or a blessing. After communion we often share with the congregation what we learnt in the session.

Shell Seekers welcomes all children from reception classes upwards. We often work together in a mixed age group allowing everyone to share and explore ideas together and deepen their knowledge. This means our young members have a fantastic relationship with each other that extends out of the sessions and into school and life in general. Lately, however, the Shell Seekers have focused on trying to provide two groups for the children in order to provide age appropriate sessions. The younger group cater for children from Reception to Year 6 and the older group from Year 7, the children moving up to the older group in the spring term of Year 6. 

At Shell Seekers children experience the love of God through the sharing of the gospel and encouraging each other as a community. They pray about things they want to see God doing in their lives as a group, a community and for those who are marginalised.

In 2018 the Shell Seeker’s Leaders came up with the following vision statement:
Belong - to Shell seekers and the wider church.
Love - to experience and share God’s love.
Grow - in the Christian faith.

The latest rewarding fundraising activities:
Our Christmas cake and craft sale raised £318.76 for the Upper Room.
Our Mothering Sunday cake sale raised £56 towards the St James’s total for the Diocese of London Lent Appeal.

As always, we very much appreciate the support of the PCC and congregation in providing both the facilities and resources and, perhaps more importantly, the warm welcome that encourages young people to attend St James’s regularly.

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