Our mission, witness and outreach

Our mission

Mission comes from a word that means 'to send'. Jesus was sent into our world, and then sent out his disciples. Today we are part of the company of disciples sent out into the world with the news of the love of God in Jesus. God asks us to step out on a journey with him, a journey that involves new discoveries and endless possibilities. The central objective of all our church activities, our mission, is spreading a Christian influence in our local community and beyondWe are concerned with the whole Christian church, secular matters, the country and indeed with the world as a whole. 

Our mission is to be more active as disciples of Christ in our community and in our daily working lives; to make our church a welcoming and relevant place to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or economic circumstances; and to take seriously our responsibilities to the wider world. 

Outreach involves extending ourselves, our talents, our resources, to help others. "Outreach ministry is the Church at work in God’s name, stretching out to meet needs in the wider community. Our daily lives are filled with outreach ministry ...... by serving the needs of others. ...... Christian outreach is provided by parishioners in our daily lives. Work, school, home and community commitments provide endless opportunities to meet the needs of others." The Diocese of London.

We at St James's are a family friendly community of Christians, a wide range of people from different backgrounds and of different colours and ages. We are open to and challenged by the future, seeking to equip people for their daily lives, inspired by our worship of God. We have a keen desire both for growth in numbers and also to make a contribution to the community, locally, nationally and globally. Whoever you are you are assured of a very warm welcome at our church.

Some of the ways we engage with mission at St James's Church:

Giving a friendly welcome for the many people, individuals and groups, who come to the church and church hall -  to worship, for advice, to arrange or attend a baptism, a wedding or a funeral, to arrange or attend concerts or recitals, or perhaps to join the nursery school sessions, classes or evening meetings. Refreshments after the 9.30am and 11am services are very important in making new people feel welcome and enabling people to talk to one another. 
• The Shell Seekers Sunday School.
• The Ark playgroup for under fives and their carers.
• The Connections group, a community-based project, primarily for older people, provides friendship and support.
• Generous giving to charities near and far.
• Helping parishes in poorer parts of London through our Common Fund payment to our diocese.
• Being a Fairtrade church and promoting Fairtrade through our Traidcraft stall.
• Encouraging environmental awareness in our parish life through the ECO group.
• Sharing information between local churches through the Hampton Deanery.
• Sharing activities with all the local churches in the Churches Together around Hampton (CTAH).
Having an active relationship with the uniformed groups who are always welcomed into the church.
Having an active relationship with the local schools with clergy often visiting them and sometimes taking assemblies.
• Groups from the schools visiting to learn about the church to help with their Religious Education work.
• Welcoming the local schools for their own special services.
• A team of parish visitors, together with clergy, conducting pastoral visiting. There are preparation groups for baptisms and weddings. As well as post-funeral support, all bereaved families are invited to an annual All Souls remembrance service. The clergy and parish visitors go out into the community, providing a link with the church for anybody who is unable to attend church or is in need of support or company at a particular time, including the housebound, the elderly, the lonely, the bereaved, those who are unwell and anyone else in need. 
Holding a Lent course for adult learning and growth, prefaced by a meal. Re-introducing House Groups as Life Groups meeting fortnightly when there is no specific course taking place.
Taking occasional services at places like Teddington Hospital, Marling Court and Laurel Dene, providing for growth in Christian discipleship.
Providing a wide distribution of the Spire magazine. It is delivered free to homes around the parish and is available from many High Street shops.
• This website and social media.

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