Fairtrade at St James's

Fairtrade is an accreditation labelling system which certifies that products bearing the Fairtrade Mark meet a range of specific criteria based on international standards developed on a product-by-product basis. It covers a wide range of food items and also cotton and gold. Standards for other products will follow. The Key Principles and Goals of Fairtrade have inspired a grassroots movement to promote Fairtrade products in places of worship, schools, the workplace, boroughs, towns and cities. We can each encourage others to change our buying habits as we go about our daily lives.

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Fairtrade always relates to certified products with the colourful Mark.

Fair Trade expresses a wider vision of development, seeking to transform the lives of poor producers and covering a bigger range of products than can be certified, such as craft items and rubber gloves.

Fairtrade at St James

Concern for poverty alleviation is not just about writing a cheque. It's also about helping people to a better life by supporting what they are doing themselves. Every trade exchange should benefit the producer, but buying products with the Fairtrade Mark guarantees a real benefit. St James was awarded its Fairtrade Church certificate in 2006, easily meeting the three simple commitments of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Our Traidcraft stall

In 2007 we took our commitment one step further by starting to run a Traidcraft stall (running independently of parish accounts) on the first Sunday of every month and other suitable occasions. Traidcraft was one of the first companies to bring fair trade products to the UK consumer. It works with some of the most marginalised producers, helping them to build sustainable businesses that give people dignity and a future. As for many other companies, current trading conditions are not easy, and Traidcraft is working very hard to find additional markets for its products.

Our purchases from Traidcraft during 2017 were £6300. This includes all the food, crafts, cards and seasonal goods such as Advent Calendars and Easter Eggs.

Continuing good sales are for several reasons:
• Regular purchases by everyone who visits our monthly stall 
• Products are used for our parish refreshments 
• Some people buy and order craft items (benefitting from a 15% discount)
• We take food and craft items to the Women’s World Day of Prayer service in March
• We do a stall for the Rock Choir in November, with coffee and nibbles
• Hampton Hill Junior School gives us table space at their Christmas and Summer Fairs

Cleaning the Fairtrade way

When you choose Traidcraft's Clean & Fair products, you’re investing in the future of fair trade palm and coconut oil – a future that will transform communities in Ghana and rural India.


Ann Peterken on 020 8891 5862 or Catherine Gash on 020 8783 0563

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The Fairtrade stall

Our Fairtrade certificate

The Fairtrade stall