Trinity Sunday

The colour white

When is Trinity Sunday?
Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost.

TrinityWhat does 'Trinity' mean?
Trinity means a group of three, one God being made up of three persons (parts): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Why do we celebrate Trinity Sunday?
Belief in the three-part nature of God is central to the Christian faith. Trinity Sunday marks the time of year when we learn more about our faith in church.

The symbols of the Trinity always have three parts with the idea being that the single God appears in different forms for different purposes. Think of it as a clover leaf which has three parts to it. All three work together. See pictures of these symbols on the page Symbols.

The Trinity


God the Father is the creator of all things.

Jesus Christ, his only son, is the saviour of all people, as he died on a cross for us, rose again and is always with us.

The Holy Spirit blesses everyone and everything and makes them holy. It is in our lives, invisible like the wind. It guides us and teaches us the right way to think, helps us make decisions and to love and care for others.

The church colour for Trinity is white (or gold) and is used for the light, joy and purity of Christ. The frontal on the altar, the altar cloths, the pulpit fall and the Bible book mark are changed to match the colour of the priest's robes (shown above).