St James's Day

Fun on St James's Day

When is St James's Day?
Saint James’s day is on July 25th, but, at our church, we celebrate this day a few weeks earlier before people tend go away on holiday. 

Fun on St James's DayWhy do we celebrate St James's Day?
St James’s day is our Patronal Festival celebrating our patron saint, St James. Patron saints are saints who were chosen as special protectors or guardians over such things as occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes, in fact, anything that is important to us.  Saint James was the brother of Saint John the Apostle and may have been Jesus' cousin. See the Our Patron Saint page.

St James's Day at St James's Church
St James's Day is celebrated with an All-age service. St James's Players accompany the hymns and play other music during the service. The uniformed groups join the service and participate by carrying their flags in a colourful parade through the church and, with the Sunday School, sometimes help during the service or at the Parish Breakfast. 

Fun on St James's DayAfter the service is a family shared lunch, often a barbeque in the vicarage garden or sometimes a picnic in the park. A fun-packed afternoon follows for all with different activities taking place, such as bell-ringing in the tower, badge-making and other activities for the children. There have been Parish Treasure Hunts, and 'Beating the Bounds' where people take to their bikes and ride around the boundary of the parish.