Ascension Day

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When is Ascension Day?
Ascension Day happens forty days after Jesus' resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday, and always falls on a Thursday.

AscensionWhat does Ascension mean?
The name 'ascension' comes from the stories in the Bible in Mark's Gospel and Luke's Gospel that tell of Jesus being taken up (ascending) into heaven. 

Why do we celebrate Ascension Day?
We mark the last day Jesus was physically on earth, after which he was not seen again in the flesh.

The Story
After Jesus' resurrection he appeared to Mary Magdalene first of all. She went and told the disciples he was alive but they did not believe her. Later he appeared to two of them but still they did not believe it. Then, when the eleven disciples were having a meal, he appeared to them all and reproached them for not believing he was raised from the dead.

During the forty days which followed the first Easter, Jesus kept appearing to his followers. Ascension Day was the last time Jesus appeared to the disciples. they were walking on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem and Jesus came to say goodbye. He told them to go back to Jerusalem and wait for God to send them the Holy Spirit which would help them to spread the word about him. And then after talking with them Jesus was taken up into heaven. He returned to God the Father and sits at his right hand.