Together at eleven

Together at 11

Our 1100 service began in April 2017 and has already proved popular, with many families coming every week! Together at eleven is a new service with the needs of children and parents particularly in mind, though everyone is welcome. It is fun-filled with lively songs and hands-on activities. We listen to a famous Bible story and the whole family can learn together. We also keep things punchy so that the  service is less than 40 minutes long, and is followed by crafts and refreshments, with time for the children to play while the parents chat over coffee. If you are new to church, or just want a simpler structure to your worship, this is an accessible way to grow your faith with like-minded people.

So do come along and see for yourself.

Together at 11"We had a great start to our new 1100 family service. A good number of adults and children avidly listened to the storytelling, entered into the fun of the actions, joined in the songs of praise and helped make pieces of artwork."

2018 Spring term themes

Magi Journey, Magi Gifts, The Refugees, Presentation, Meet John, John Baptises Jesus, In the wilderness, Jesus enters Jerusalem, Jesus cleans the temple, Jesus washes feet.

Previous terms themes

2017 Autumn: God the maker, Everything, Sing Alleluia, Jesus the maker, The Lost Coin, The Good Shepherd, The Light of the World, All the Saints, Get ready, 'Yes' said Mary, 'Gloria, Gloria', Meet Baby Jesus.
2017 Summer: In the beginning, A special promise, The Great Escape, Giants fall down,  Among Lions, Who's calling? The marvellous picnic, Pigs and parties, The Kindness of strangers, Little and large, Jesus' s special meal - with Communion, 'Even there...'

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