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Supporting the services

Supporting the services

If there is one thing that a church building is for, it is worship. As worship is so important, preparing for a service in church takes time and work. Nothing is left to chance. The planning and structure can then leave us free to pray and to worship. 

The servers are responsible for ensuring a service runs smoothly by getting everything ready and then by clearing away afterwards.

Music in church tends to be very visible - certainly audible! What you see and hear during a service though is the tip of quite a large iceberg with nine tenths of the work having already happened in advance, usually weeks or months beforehand.

Preparing the chucrhAt most services the Gospel is read by the clergy or one of the servers and the other two readings by volunteers.

The formal prayers of intercession are usually prepared and read by volunteers. It is not easy to condense the needs of the church, the world and the local community into these five minutes to harmonise with the theme of the collect and readings. It is also not easy to read such prayers in a way that will move beyond performance into a genuine act of collective prayer. It requires preparation - thought, prayer and practice.

And finally - not so much behind the scenes as behind our backs - there is the audio-visual system manager who adjusts the microphones to suit the varying voices of readers, intercessor and president, and operates the screen and projector when needed.