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MAP 2017

MAP 2017

The PCC has been working on a series of strategic statements which have lead to an action plan; these were presented to the Annual Church Meeting in 2017. In trying to summarise the sort of church we are aiming to be three statements have been agreed:
1. “God is good, all the time”. At the centre of our life together is our worship. There are opportunities to worship in a variety of styles; everyone (of all ages) is welcomed and included.
2. “Everyone matters” St James is a family. We nurture the young and the young-in-faith, and each of us is always learning and growing. We care for one another - from experiencing an initial welcome as a newcomer, to being encouraged to play a full part as an established member of the family. We support one another as we can.
3. “Not a cruise ship but a lifeboat.” We are outward-looking. We have identified our neighbours’ needs and are offering our time and putting our gifts into action. We serve as individuals, and together as a church.

This is our vision of the church we believe is God is calling us to be - and will be the measure of our ‘success’ in the years to come.

Within that broader perspective we have developed some more immediate goals - our
action plan. Here are some of them:
● draft a year’s programme of social events - some for everyone, some for adults, some for families
● seize the opportunities to use our building midweek - now we have toilets
● take further action to improve our welcome to visitors and newcomers
● strengthen links with local organisations including the schools
● recruit a Children and Families’ Work Leader
● arrange learning events or short series for discipleship on Thursday evenings
● create a team to plan St James’s Day, when the Bishop of Kensington visits

But the first of our initiatives has been the launch of ‘Together at Eleven” a service created to meet especially the needs of families (but everyone is welcome.) Everyone stays together in church for worship, teaching and prayer. To keep everyone interested there’s lots of interaction and activity; we aim to be on to refreshments and craft by 11.40! Until July 2 we are working our way through the Bible looking at the ‘must know stories’. A listing is available in church or here on the website..

There are many more of these initiatives in our Action Plan: some immediate, some for the coming year, and some for ‘one day.’ It is encouraging to know that Google considers that is doing well if it hits 60-70% of its ‘stretch goals.’ In fact I think Christian people should have goals that are a bit beyond what we can do ourselves - otherwise we are factoring God out!