Keeping in touch through the years


This page covers the way St James's keeps in touch with its congregation, the wider community and further afield through the years. 

Until 2016 November

Follow the links below to find out what happened from when records began up until November 2016 when Revd Derek Winterburn became the tenth vicar of St James's.

The parish magazine through the years

From 2016 November

As soon as Revd Winterburn started his incumbency he wished to develop the way St James's keeps in touch with people. He updated the weekly Pew Sheet, using colour, pictures and extra information. Also, every Saturday he started sending all congregation members a weekly email with greetings and any relevant information. 

Sermons were uploaded onto the website for people to listen to if they couldn't make it to church on Sunday. There were a few changes to the layout of The Spire in the new year of 2017 to incorporate several ideas from the vicar, and the magazine's designer, Nick, took the opportunity to refresh the layout. See the 2017 February Spire.

Later in the year a group looked into new branding to update our image with the public to help us reach more people. A fresh new logo, incorporating the landmark profile of the spire, was chosen by the PCC. The fluid font style of the church's name speaks of life and movement; the 't' looks like a cross and the colour version incorporates a ‘stained glass’ pattern - another feature of the building. Colour, text fonts and page layouts were included in this update and at the same time the magazine and the website underwent redesigns to incorporate them and the distribution of the Spire was widened.

Posters in the new notice boards at the west porch entrance were continually being updated and therefore let people know that there is a lot is going on in the church.