Church & grounds through the years

The church and grounds

Much has happened since the church was built in 1863 and the links below lead to pages describing the historical records of the church buildings, contents and grounds, including the churchyard. 

Until 2016 November

Building and contents Stained glass windows
The tower & spire The clock and bells
The west porch The vestry
The churchyard  
The church hall The vicarage

From 2016 November (in reverse order)

2017 September: The clock faces were taken away for restoration.
See the photo album Church improvements.
2017 August: Storage in the vestry was greatly improved with the addition of new cupboards and drawers.
2017 June: Two toilets were installed in the west porch opposite the office.
2017 May: New cupboards were added to the children's corner (together with new tables) and the hall entrance lobby. Power sockets were put in the south aisle, north aisle and vestry.
2017 April: A sink was installed in the vestry.
2017 January: The copper beech, on the corner of St James's Road and Park Road, became unsafe after being attacked by a giant fungus. Read the page A sad farewell to the beech tree.