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A definition of social life is "the part of a person's time spent doing enjoyable things with others". St James's Church has always been good at providing parish social activities of all sorts and for all tastes and ages as it feels that it is important for people to interact with others, not just on Sundays, but through the week as well. They are also viewed as an important part of the church's outreach by opening the church and hall, bringing people together and welcoming all members of the community, not just members of the congregation, into the church.

These activities are co-ordinated by the Social Team for the benefit of everyone, not just church goers. They provide a social function for the church, incorporating the parish and the Christian calendar.  

There is an increasing number of events, many of them new ventures, that are happening periodically. Examples include fun activities like quiz nights, a fish and chip supper and a curry night.

Every second Tuesday in the month the usual communion service is followed by coffee in the church as a a social get-together. A new community-based project, primarily for older people, is being launched in February 2018. Connections will initially be held on the first Tuesday of the month from 11-1230. Come along and enjoy fresh coffee, homemade cakes, friendship and support.

The film club and the theatre club continue and the St James's Ramblers has been formed, with occasional two mile walks ending with pub lunches. A Gardening Club has also been formed to tackle the churchyard. There are other groups you and your children can join, just look at the page Groups.

Children's parties include a paddling pool tea party in the vicarage garden, a teddy bears picnic, a late summer party, a celebration of light as an alternative to Halloween and an Epiphany party.

There is another team, St James's Hospitality, who's purpose is to work together with the Social Team to provide refreshments of one kind or another at many of these social functions. There are some events that happen regularly, such as the weekly after-church refreshments, called Parish Breakfast

Other examples are providing meals or refreshments for regular annual occasions such as St James's Day celebrations which is usually a BBQ in the vicarage garden with fun and games, Harvest Festival lunch and mulled wine with minced pies after the parish Carol Service. St James's Hospitality also provides refreshments for many of the events listed above.

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