St Luke's Hospital in Milo

St Luke's Hospital in Milo

MapMilo is located in the south west of Tanzania, high on a ridge in the Southern Highlands. It is about 550 miles from the capital Dar Es Salaam. The journey by road takes at least 14 hours.

St Luke's serves a catchment area of six villages with a total population of about 9,000 people. Many are very poor in this remote area which is not reached by government services. The hospital buildings (shown above) are located round a quadrangle. There are about 50 beds for in-patients and a well used outpatient’s dispensary. In a typical year about 230 babies are delivered, many by Caesarean section.

The hospitalThis picture shows the basic hostel for relatives that was built with a £1000 donation from our Millennium Appeal. The building provides very simple sleeping and cooking facilities.

In Tanzania (and other African countries) relatives have to cook all the food required by their sick family member whilst they are in the hospital.

The cruiserSt James gave £5000 from Betty Stewart’s legacy towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle for the hospital. A good, second-hand Toyota Land Cruiser was bought for £12,500 in October 2015.

Here it is being handed over to Dr Benedict Sandagila (on the right). A few weeks later Bishop Matthew Mhagama blessed and commissioned the vehicle while in Milo for the Bible School's graduation ceremony.

In 2016 and 2017 our donations enabled the hospital to buy an oxygen concentrator and two pieces of laboratory equipment (a binocular micriscope and a water bath).

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