Our vision for the future

Our vision

Behind any vision for a church must be a vision of God. Our vision for the future is of continuing development and growth; a journey of exploration and of new understanding, reflecting an understanding of God. God does not ask us to remain the same, but to step out on a journey with him that involves new discoveries and endless possibilities. That vision is also to be increasingly inclusive, involving a wider group of people across the parish and welcoming others to join us.

Children's partyKey actions or goals

The PCC considered the Values, Mission and Vision of the church before the Annual Meeting (2018). Flowing from the mission (to love God, love people, love the world - learning all the time) These key actions have been identified:

● Sustain the new 1100 service, including developing children’s groups
● Recruit a new Choir Director / Organist
● Enrich the 09.30 repertoire of songs with ‘best of the new’
● Develop St James’s Day into a weekend – open church etc on Saturday, worship / meal on Sunday
● Trial an after-school at Hampton Hill Juniors
● Run a holiday club at the end of the summer school holidays
● Strengthen our prayer life (prayer meeting, prayer space)
● Run an enquirer’s course in the autumn, and continue Life Groups
● Renew the Visiting Team
● Launch a monthly ‘activity club’ for older people, to be called Connections.
● Refurbish the Hall, recruit Hall Management Team
● Implement QI and H&S recommendations
● Gain an Eco-church award
● Gather a group to work on Church reordering / decoration
● Work towards a break-even budget, including full payment of Common Fund request and reinstating PCC giving to charities

ConnectionsWhat we have done so far

Launch an activity-based midweek group for older people
  'Connections', a new group has been formed primarily for older people in the community which is held on the first Tuesday of the month. Come along and enjoy fresh coffee, cakes, friendship and support. Meeting in church, it will provide a great opportunity to find new friends.

Extend the circulation of the Spire
The Spire committee recruited a new member to organise the delivery of the magazine to every house in the parish. The parish was divided up into sections, extra volunteers were asked to deliver the magazines and eventually every house received a copy. An increase in the number of magazines taken from the post office and other places was presumed to be a direct result of this initiative.

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